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HCI – Human Computer Interaction

Advanced courses in HCI aim at giving the student versatile skills and a human-centered attitude. The student should get deep knowledge in field or topics within Interactive Technology, and basic skills in carrying out and reporting research in the field. The success of the programs in HCI are directly associated to an increasing demand from the industry for usability professionals, HCI may help build a transformational bridge in Health  (eHealth) between professionally mediated health information and individually or socially developed health strategies.


Regulamento do Mestrado

Acreditação pela Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior

N.º do Processo: NCE/10/01761

Decisão: Acreditado

Nº de anos de acreditação: 6

Data da Publicação: 30-09-2011

Coordenação do Mestrado

Ana Rita Assunção Teixeira


Soon we will provide information about the 2018/2020 edition.

If you are interested in the course you can pre-register →HERE←


To the application process the following shall be attached:

a) Documents substantiating the academic qualifications held by the applicant with information of the final marks (in the case of foreign documents, the applicant shall also present the corresponding translation);
b) Curriculum vitae;
c) Documents substantiating the information supplied in the application form or other documents substantiating the data mentioned in the curriculum vitae (other elements);
d) Photocopy of Citizen Card or photocopy of Identity Card and Tax Identification Number.


The following are due:
a) Application fee – 105€;
b) Registration fee for the 1st year – 420€;
c) Enrolment fee for the subsequent years – 220€;
d) Tuition fees for 2016/2018 – 3.200€ (2.100€/1st year and 1.100€/2nd year)
e) Fee for extension of deadline, when applicable – 275€